WoodGrain by Paper

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“Paper” takes the industrial darkness of his latest song to new levels with the official audio release for WoodGrain.” As a reminder of the strength of the set up, the music, melody and everything adds further intensity to the progression of the song – the contrast between the calmness and almost amazing verses, with the hit and power of the hook and surrounding sections, is emphasized by the gritty, brooding atmosphere of the track.

“Paper” is an artist who regularly posts new music online, the likes of which vary in subject matter and musicianship quite consistently, but which always make certain your attention is drawn back to the artist, to the work that goes into all of this, and to the deep, considerate thinking that drives it. WoodGrain” undoubtedly connects further with the previous releases, but apart from this – the sound feels like a total break-away from all that came before. The song is short, concise, and quickly memorable – these attractive lines appear in subtle, rhythmic bursts; making certain you hear them, notice them, and consider them.

The upbeat energy is infectious, the musicianship is superb – really helping build something that takes over the room with its color and detail, as well as being endlessly impressive. Regardless of what you choose to focus on – the soundscape, the guitars, the beat, the voices – everything is skillfully executed, and everything is closely connected within at the very same time.

“Paper” is an artist with a voice and lyrical approach inspired by many musicians. WoodGrain” exemplifies this influence and takes the opportunity to showcase “Paper’s” own sense of character and performance style at the same time. As stated before, the lyrics hold nothing back, everything is laid out in front of you, right down to the personal details. The lyrics are heavy, harsh even, but the demeanor of the leading character in the audio portrays someone distinctly calm and disconnected from it all.

Paper’s music offers up the musical freshness and presents audiences with the skill, smoothness, and delicacy of his voice in a dark and seductive manner. The beat utilized throughout this release is forever interesting, and certain moments, melodic inflections, and lines, really linger in your mind after listening. 

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