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There’s a much greater or more epic feel to this awesome collection of tracks “DIARY OF A CRIME BOSS V2” by “NOTORIOUS CAVALI” than the simple hip hop introduction first seems to imply. Even during those introductory moments, as the soundscape plays out around you, the leading voice has a certain depth and sense of anticipation within it that draws your attention from afar. Rightfully so, as things then start to build – the music and the passion of the piece explode into life. The instrumentation reaches new heights of energy and expression, and that leading voice reaches even greater personal heights that help see you rising up with the artist in the heat of the moment.

The tracks bring together a mellow dance groove, flickers of rap and organic instrumentation, a varied and vibrant soundscape, and a string of beautifully melodic, entrancing vocal melodies – all of which make it an easy listen as these summer days grow shorter.

The song’s structure means that the numerous sections work hard to keep a sense of movement alive and well. NOTORIOUS CAVALI’s vocals meander throughout and never fail to carry the sentiment or the notes of the moment with strength and genuine passion. Even with this clear level of skill though, her delivery is delicate – emotionally on point but smooth and gentle; in keeping with the feel of the soundscape.

NOTORIOUS CAVALI is an artist who showcases an attempt to jump ahead on this latest release, bringing music fans something that feels fit to fill the EDM scene but also perfect to accompany those hip-hop festival nights. The accompanying audio highlights just how deeply passionate the artist is about music. This track, this instrumental journey – with all of its ups and downs, its multiple layers, and changing levels of energy – is a composition that has been hand built, so to speak. Brick by brick, the elements were created and performed and added into the mix.

Much more than a skillful producer with a clear love for making music, NOTORIOUS CAVALI is a talented and experienced vocalist and all-around musician. DIARY OF A CRIME BOSS V2” is everything the title implies – it is this burst of energy when you least expect it, it’s the volume and motivation when you were preempting the calm. His use of contrast within the soundscape plays a big part in how effective the music is – the various sections, starting small and finishing with something huge, hold on to your affection throughout. If you listen loudly – which you should, if you’re a music fan who truly craves the act of losing themselves within a moment – the intricacies, the details, and the drop, all hit with superb impact.

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