Kobra Kai by BabyKage ft BabyRicoo

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This awesome track “Kobra Kai” by “BabyKage ft BabyRicoo” is something that will, at the very least, remind you that there is real, raw, unaffected and alternative music out there, among the somewhat messy and often regurgitated ocean of samples and loops. The word hip hop is key, as there has been nothing to my knowledge that has sounded quite like this in recent years, and yet what makes it so genuinely brilliant is that on top of the uniqueness; the song itself is absolutely stunning.

What’s particularly great about this one is that the music really brings out a whole new edge and passion in the singer’s leading vocal performance. There are some real moments of grit and power, which is wonderful to hear, and so perfectly in keeping with the overall vibe of the music. The melody in this track is really well integrated among the music; it brings out the best in the singer’s vocal performance, but it also really effectively ties together all the separate elements of the song – so the result is that every instrument, every riff, every lyric; it all drives the sound forward as a complete unit, making this a genuinely memorable track.

The track is gentle, it’s easy to listen to, it fills the room with a strong sort of ambiance that is calming, but at the same time there is this massive wave of power within the music. It’s a combination of the vocal skill presented by the artist and the general way in which the music has been constructed; moving impressively from the soft and subtle, to the outright heavy and attention-grabbing.

The music has been mixed brilliantly, really bringing out the very best in the artist’s vocal performance as well as in the instrumentation surrounding it. The more you listen, the more that melody pulls you in, and before long the whole track is imprinted in your memory. There’s a definite strength in the hook here, and there’s plenty more soul to soak up elsewhere in the song, too. It’s refreshing to hear a singer of this style writing songs that are so new sounding.

The music itself is fantastic, the superb character that comes through from this particular fusion of instruments and elements is undeniably quite striking. The rap soundscape is a brilliant touch, as is the continuous energy of rap vocals, as is the addition of the male vocal for the whole thing. The whole way in which this song has been crafted is outstanding.

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