Get Money by Treecy

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Get Money” by “Treecy” is a gorgeous track, the sort that can enhance different moments or mean something slightly different depending on what you want to get from it. That is to say if you need the moment to be energizing, to gear you up for the weekend – Treecy has crafted the journey with thickness and weight, and vibrancy. The detail, the multiple layers of synths, and the optimism inherent in the notes and chords chosen, even – especially – the manic build-up of the beat – all of this works perfectly in motivating and inspiring an audience to get up and go.

On the other hand, if you’re a fan of the human touch, of singer-songwriters with emotional performance styles, songs that reach out and connect, that inspire you to see the good in the world, instead of the bad or sad – you can turn this song up just as loud, and lose yourself in the concept, the passion, the purity. There’s so much hope in the backdrop, the opening few moments feel familiar but fresh, taking influence from what works in modern music, but also cleverly and skillfully fusing it with what feels right.

At one and a forty-two minutes long, the track has the potential to really surround and absorb the listener in its aura and its ideas. The second time you listen, those opening bars of music – the soundscape, the vocals, the distant drone, and the other-worldly dashes of possibility – all of this makes sense and comforts you now, in a refreshingly strange way. This time around, the ambiance is recognizable, so your focus is more intently on the lyrics.

The rhythm of the track is a huge part of what makes it work. Production-wise everything stands tall as and when it needs to. There’s a familiarity to the movement, but a freshness to the melody and the overall sound. The second featured vocal opens up the track to an even wider audience and sees the energy fly higher for an added dynamically. All of this plays into how well-structured the single is. There are distinct threads throughout that make it incredibly easy to recognize the track from a distance, even after just a single listen. But with this, there are still consistent moments of change and evolution that work hard to hold your interest and affection at every step.

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