With Me by PaPer

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PaPer has created an addictively infectious new video song with this latest single, combining the immediately joyous simplicity of a large, minimalist yet colorful soundscape with an equally carefree, clean-cut vocal approach. “With Me” begins with a quietly hopeful bounce of positive vibrations and continues to surprise throughout its duration.

While the production and vocals have a rather raw finish, this lends the song an authentic feel. And, even in the face of constraints, songwriting is essential. PaPer alters the flow, shifting from lower tones to falsetto, rap to melody, all of which contribute to the intrinsic groove that gives the track such a powerful energy and bounce.

“With Me,” an identifiable and addictively immersive Rap, hip-hop, RnB, and Pop smash and blend, is a stylish and professionally integrating ambient, cinematic sound design, engaging vocals, and uplifting, contemplative storytelling.

“With Me” is a bold early highlight, combining just the proper amount of melody with a clean-cut, fast-paced set of bars and striking visuals that impress and captivate throughout.

Given PaPer’s incredible diversity, as demonstrated throughout, this tune further cements the fact that a live event is where an unconstrained love for music in all of its forms will connect unforgettably.

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