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“OGDAIKA” is undoubtedly an artist letting her creativity guide the way when it comes to making music. “WHO” is a uniquely structured piece of music that takes full advantage of the power of contrast in presenting a personal, emotional story-line in a way that demands attention. The song begins with extreme delicacy and space, these ideas are softly whispered, then out of nowhere these crashes of distorted Rap storm into view, redirecting the moment entirely and creating that shock factor to really make certain you’re paying attention.

OGDAIKA, otherwise known as Diana Jaworowski, is a product of undocumented immigrants from the melting pot of Brooklyn, New York. She is best recognized as a jack of all trades who is ultimately committed to music. Her past experiences as a ghostwriter, political activist, working local city government  all while being a painter are just some of the things that contribute to her multi-disciplinary allure. Furthermore, with a Political Science degree under her belt, she truly brings something different to the table. OGDAIKA is a self-proclaimed “one woman show”  with a range of capabilities ranging from producing her own instrumentals, writing lyrics, and recording as well. Her motto is “I don’t make music, I am music” and takes immense pride in being a human music machine.

OGDAIKA’s passion is unquestionable, a total joy to witness. On top of this, her lyrics are totally unpredictable, true to her own creatively free sense of character, and again a further element to leave you hanging on every moment to see how it all develops. The performance is unwavering, never pausing, never failing to meet that bar set so high from the get-go. As you watch her, the weight and passion of the performance reminds you consistently of the fact that this is a totally live, one-take type of offering. The energy seems to explode out of her soul in a way that you just don’t get to witness that often these days. It’s a fully immersive experience and the song itself has plenty to draw you in outside of the performance aspect.

OGDAIKA’s voice and performance here also have a definite softness about them, which again fits in with everything else about the majority of the song. It’s a performance that subtly but effectively tips its hat to OGDAIKA herself, and yet, at the same time, it undoubtedly has that now recognisable OGDAIKA

 stamp on it – something that’s inherently clear in their writing; whichever topic they choose to tackle in each case.

On top of everything, the voices that drive the central ideas of the song add so much in the way of character and contrast and meaning. The sung vocal has a lighter nature to it, almost whispered and floating way up there at the higher end of the musical spectrum. The rap vocal brings a energetic perspective to the scene and adds a further dynamic, increasing the mightiness of the structure and helping that inherent sense of possibility and togetherness really shine. Again, this adds so much that keeps you entranced. It’s a huge track, it makes sense as an “OGDAIKA” release as it has her creativity written all over it, but it’s also incredibly fresh and energizing to listen to.

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