What R U Waiting4 by Paper

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“Paper” offers up a melodic and catchy approach to hip hop music that appears both classic and spacious with his latest single What R U Waiting4.” The term spacious works well here, the thickness of hip hop often makes it difficult to pinpoint the various details that it consists of. In this case, the music has a certain simplicity, laying each element bare in a gradually progressing manner, so you can appreciate it all in an almost live-sounding arena.

Throughout the single, the composer toys with infectious synths and riffs that fly around colorfully among this thick and classic, style beat. On top of this you get the songwriting, the story-line expressed within the lyrics, the passion in the leading voice presenting them, and what is a superbly memorable and contagious hook section. The song hits with impact thanks to all of this working harmoniously together.

The soundscape on this release is really interesting, the use of the repeated lyric presented with an awesome vibe adds to this overall feeling of there being some sort of initiation. The depth and pride of the leading voice really adds something that makes you feel involved, it makes it all seem relatable, so you listen to the words, you consider the universal aspects on display, and you notice every single beat and sample that passes by. It’s a striking piece of music, artistic as ever but also cleverly entertaining in a new and currently incomparable way. This is nothing like Paper’s releases, and yet, at the same time, it’s soaked in the very same creative freedom and other worldly levels of inspiration.

On top of the songwriting and the composition of the piece, the leading voice has a certain approachable or neighborly vibe about it at first, then as things progress – after the swagger and freedom of a well placed soundscape – the passion and grit of the voice explode into action. The structure of the song is extremely simple, so the band utilizes these moments of change to really keep things evolving and maintain your interest. It’s a big finish, almost too short in the grand scheme of the whole song, but it works brilliantly. The track is likely to be loaded with similarly inventive and original setups and hooks. The tightness between instrumental moments suggests an experienced and well-connected musician as well. Stay tuned with “Paper” to witness many more awesome tracks in near future. 

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