What R U Waiting4 by Paper

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With his latest track, “What R U Waiting4,” Greenwood-based musician Paper leads with a subtle fusion of R&B vibes and current Rap, HipHop, and Pop. At the same time, the backdrop is noticeably innovative, with its multi-layered yet delicate and smooth aura. Paper’s voice is undeniably the driving force behind the release — the main thing to catch your attention is that the melody and passion are the key aspects you take away after listening.

Paper pours his heart out on this new single, riding the beat like a wave and showcasing at will flowing vocals and love lyrics. “What R U Waiting4” is a smooth and excellent new track from an artist who isn’t afraid to be himself. 

“What R U Waiting4” is a lighthearted cheerful track with a little soft and smooth overall vibe. There’s a sense of pleasure to it all, and the rhythmic delivery is accompanied by a succession of well-shot visuals in the accompanying video, resulting in something that’s both familiar and fresh enough to garner a lot of listens.

Everything about this release is high quality, from the production to the vocal flow to the accompanying video. The background combines a hip-hop approach – the kind of engaging riff loops that made up some of the legendary singles from the 1990s and 2000s – with a slightly more pop-flavored, peppy, and energized vibe.

There’s a fluidity to it all, and Paper’s voice works wonderfully beside it. That vocal line, the changing flow of the verses, and many of the lines have character.

A fantastic performance and a nice tune accompany an unmistakable outpouring that allows the audience to connect with the performer. At the same time, “What R U Waiting4” is a fantastic track; positive vibes drive its melody.

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