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Making his return this month, “KON” stormed back into your consciousness with the loud and heavy presence that is TWEAK 2x”. Bringing together everything we expect from them, and nothing you can really expect at all, the song is intense and electronically distorted from start to finish. At the same time though, there are numerous distinctly recognisable riffs and moments of melody that give the song a definite sense of character. It’s memorable, it’s loaded with specific detail that adds consistently to the level of personality inherent within the sound.

From the moment you press play, the sight of that uniquely well-lived soundscape and the raw energy that “KON” presents with it is enough to intrigue even the most distracted of audiences. The grit and speed with which the song emerges is intense, and when the vocal delivery begins, the intensity grows stronger, as does the energy level. There’s something hypnotically manic and yet musically smooth about the whole thing, so you find yourself completely interested in it all, following the lyrics along, following the performance intently, as well as being blown away by the flawless musicianship at hand.

The retro-electronic feel of the music initially has a certain smoothness and softness that fits the underlying sentiment and emotional depth in a meaningful way. Never an act to fall into the trap of complacency though, KON has structured this to include an off-center, out-of-the-blue shift that sees the softness cut away, to be replaced by a rising intensity and volume that hits with extreme impact. Again, this holds tightly to the underlying ideas of the song and what the whole thing represents. 

The track is high energy, and high shock factor, as well as being creatively free from anything predictable or common. At the very same time though, the melody, the synths, the development of the soundscape – it all works hard to build around you something that is quickly familiar and easy to get on board with a piece of music and performance. The hook is infectious in a brilliantly vibrant way, and there’s so much potential for further genre remixes that could take that central melody and passion and redesign them in any number of ways. It’s a great song, KON has done well to create something totally unique yet still relatable and appealing.

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