Call The Cops by Wavey Tennessee 

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“Call The Cops” explores what the title indicates with appealing graphics, driving with a quickly engaging electric bassline and a traditional melody that appears well-suited to the theme. Dreamy soundscapes and crisp, clear vocals carry listeners through “Wavey Tennessee’s” wonderfully gentle yet theoretically innovative song.

Wavey Tennessee, born and raised in Tennessee, is a genre-bending musician with a new melodic perspective on hip-hop music and dance tracks.

The single set the bar high from the start, with a lovely wash of harmonies and a rapid anthem-like, classic pop melody. Soon after, energy arrives in the shape of strange synth beats, resulting in a synthetic-drum atmosphere and mood. Then there are a few dashes of hip hop, which adds to the unmistakable creativity that the music naturally breathes into the space.

The tune “Call The Cops,” which features a wash of synths and a few simple chord progressions that are soothing and comforting, presents a vocal style that seems effectively fresh and well-rooted in today’s sound. Dashes of hip hop meander freely, an otherwise beautifully caressing, different angle.

“Call The Cops” is a song for the fans by all accounts. There is nothing too intimate or revealing about the artist, but a good start, thanks to the simple yet powerful writing, smooth production, and unwavering confidence. The recording provides a good glimpse of the live performance, and this one is likely to light up the stage when the time comes.

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